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News from NFV

U18 Men qualify first for Final 8s! – 22/01/2018

First match was vs Exeter Storm, this was going to be a test of continuous play as whilst Storm lacked firepower they kept the ball in play. Forest took their good warm up form into the first set and hit the ground running with strong starting 6 lead by Theo Lucas as Captain. Forest stayed calm and controlled with great set distribution by setter Josh Green. The first set was closed out 25-18. Set two started the same was but increased serving pressure from Storm saw Coach Toby change up some of the passing units. Ben Osborne holding up the left wing as middle blocker Tom got consistently involved on the front court defence. Forest ran home winners of the match taking the second set 25-18 again and this set the team up for a good approach to their second match versus South coast neighbours Wessex.

The focus remained high as the team started the first set. Slight nerves showed on a few service errors that allowed Wessex to exert pressure, their was setter finding his main attack and Wessex pulled ahead early on despite some monstrous blocking by Theo Lucas. Forest remained calm and confident not something usually attributed to youth with some powerful swing hitting from their Outside hitters Ben Lucas and Will Grinyer. There was a serving run by our setter that pulled the Wessex passing unit apart and forced a substitution. Forest then pulled away to take the first set 25-12.

Careful to retain the same focus into the second the tidied up their serve errors and Wessex seemed to step up a gear. A turning point was Forest’s refusal to leave a point after an over-pass error and the industrious setter followed the ball off court the other side, played the ball in for the second touch and an increasingly influential opposite player Campbell Golding clearing it back over to the surprised Wessex players, the point won by Forest as Wessex failed to bring it back under control. Forest went on to take the set 25-13 fittingly the opposite swinging the final attack with every other attacking forest player either in the air or available to hit.

It was an assured display from the entire team and all players contributed and won points, apart from the libero ..who was quite content to drop pass after pass onto the setters head.